North Carolina Solid Waste Enforcement 
Officers Association

Constitution & Bylaws 

The objectives of the NCSWEOA are:

(a)  to promote and foster the professional status and skills of its members;

(b)  to conduct meetings for the discussion of challenges, solutions, best management practices and regulatory responsibilities regarding  the management of solid waste;

(c)  to act as a clearing house among its members for access, exchange and dissemination of information on solid waste policies and procedures;

(d)  to foster and promote uniform standards for regulatory enforcement practices;

(e)  to collaborate with other organizations, groups and agencies that are interested in protecting public health and safety through the proper management of solid waste;

(f)   to provide an opportunity for and to promote congenial and harmonious social and professional relationships within the membership of the NCSWEOA; and,

(g)  to advocate for equitable compensation, benefits and working conditions for its members. 

You can view a PDF version of NCSWEOA's constitution and bylaws

NCSWEOA is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization. PO Box 134 Terrell, NC 28682-0134

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